Rugged PSU

Different kinds of electrical appliances demand different and ever-changing types of power supply. One of the most widespread types of power supply for military usage is the rugged Power Supply Unit (PSU) used for many types of machinery, from radio appliances to the most power-consuming activities, such as oil drilling. To create the most advanced and effective power solutions, it is important to ensure that the necessary standards are met, for example:  Mil-std-461C, Mil-std-461D, and Mil-std-461E.

The purpose of standards and their manifestation in the industry

Having standards in the electrical engineering field is crucial for all activity in this area, including rugged power supply development. For example, Mil-std-461C was drafted in April 1980 and was aimed at regulating electromagnetic emission and susceptibility in order to create the most varied, yet universal solutions for both civil and military purposes alike.

The characteristics of the best rugged PSU manufacturers

To create suitable solutions for the various needs of the world’s newest and sophisticated technologies, it is always important to apply new techniques while making sure they work properly with the previous developments. Hence, a reputable manufacturer will always take the most relevant standards into account. In Rugged PSU development, it is important to comply with standards Mil-std-461E, Mil-std-461D, Mil-std-461C and others.

Gilgal Power – your supplier of various power supply solutions

Gilgal Power Company was established in 1996 and has been creating all kinds of power supplies for various uses. The company offers it services in the military, industrial and automobile fields. The Mil-std-461C, Mil-std-461E, Mil-std-461D and additional standards are required for all of these usages, especially for cross-industrial appliances, such as rugged PSU. Make sure to get the best supplier of power units in Israel in order to keep your machinery in perfect shape for many years to come.