Military PSU

The modern world requires advanced technological solutions, and this concerns all areas of industry. However, some of these industries are always have high priority status – and the military is one of them. Hence, various power solutions for military use play a crucial role worldwide. Military Power Supply Units (PSU) are one of the major components in every military appliance, whether it is intended for use in the Air Force, various military applications, or designated military vehicles. In any case, there are human lives and safety issues involved in the preparation of every device. To supervise the use of the device, there are strict requirements, such as Mil-1275A, Mil-704A, Mil-461A and others.

Why are standards crucial for military PSU?

To ensure that every power unit developed by various companies around the world are suitable for different vehicles and appliances, the standards were adopted to regulate the different input-output characteristics and other nuances that may impact the use and operation of each and every machine or vehicle.

Information about military standards

Standards such as Mil-1275A, Mil-704A, and Mil-461A are used for making sure that all military PSU developed are suitable for use in all the military components, especially those used by Western forces and specifically in the U.S., where these standards were initiated.

For reference, Mil-1275A was created in 1976 and is still applicable today in terms of voltage and safety precautions.

Gilgal Power – intelligent solutions for forceful tasks

Gilgal Power was founded by an Israeli electric engineer with military experience, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of many technological components, including military PSU. Creating advanced solutions while relying on proven and hardwired standards, including Mil-704A and Mil-461A is the core activity of Gilgal Power. The company delivers outstanding results, already implemented in various civil and military parties in Israel and abroad.