Active Input Filter

Many devices require a solid, stable, and accurate power source. Moreover, each kind of device has own requirements. To achieve the best performance, each requirement has to be addressed individually.

The purpose of the input filter

An active input filter is an important component in the electricity circuit, improving different characteristics of the source and the payload. When the specific requirements are complicated by the necessity to comply with military standards, such as Mil-std-704F, Mil-std-461D, Mil-std-461C and others, the task becomes even more complicated. This is why creating power source solutions for military and industrial purposes is extremely difficult.

Why do military devices need active input filter?

As an active filter is a kind of analog electronic filter aimed at using several active (rather than passive) components to maintain the desired environment. One of the most common components of the active input filter is the amplifier, which can also be used as a buffer for stabilizing current, avoid overload and more. This may also be the means to creating power solutions to comply with standards such as Mil-std-704F, Mil-std-461D, Mil-std-461C and others. The proficiency of the developers of these mechanisms is highly important.

Gilgal Power Solution – creating the most accurate filters

Gilgal Power Solution is a highly respected company, operating in Israel since 1996. We deliver reliable and professional solutions that meet the requirements of the military, industrial, and automotive markets. Creating an active input filter for monitoring the way the current flows to each device is highly important where machinery is concerned, especially when human safety is involved. Creating the best solutions for these areas, both in turn-key and custom-tailored formats, Gilgal Power Solution always ensures that their products are aligned with all known standards, including but not limited to, Mil-std-461D, Mil-std-461C, Mil-std-704F and others, and are suitable for the specific uses, industrial, or military.