Surge Clamp

Means of protection and safety are highly crucial in many aspects of life, especially when dealing with electrical devices and machinery, even when they are designed for home use. But when you’re talking about highly sophisticated military or industrial machinery, the importance of devices such as surge clamps is even more critical.

The impact of surge clamps on electric devices

The importance of avoiding excessive voltage in different electrical devices is very important in all areas of military and industrial activities. It may save not only a great deal of money by preventing the malfunctioning and breakage of the devices, but may also save human lives. Some of most important military standards, such as Mil-std-704C, Mil-std-704D, Mil-std-704E and others, deal with the limitation of specific voltage spiking and other characteristics of electric devices and their regulation.

How is a clamp designed?

The market usually offers two options, the first being the pre-made solutions for all the tasks required. Needless to say, these devices also comply with the basic standards, such as Mil-std-704D, Mil-std-704C, Mil-std-704E and others. Some companies may offer a more personal approach and design custom-made solutions, including a surge clamp to meet your specific needs. This means being able to create new solutions based on the existing standards.

Gilgal Power – the best way to develop military power solutions

A surge clamp is as important as any other component in military equipment, and its operation can affect all aspects of using the equipment. Gilgal Power Company develops professional and high quality equipment for the industrial, military and automobile sectors. All surge clamps designed by the company are fully compliant with Mil-std-704C, Mil-std-704D, Mil-std-704E and other military standards. The company cooperates with major players in the Israeli military and industrial market, and provides its expertise to customers abroad.