Rugged PSU

Every type of activity relating to military or industrial machinery or vehicles requires a power supply, and each and every device should fully comply with the relevant standards. This requirement is equally important for all power suppliers, including rugged power supply units (PSU). Worldwide military standards include Mil-1275B, Mil-std-461F, Mil-704B and others. These standards regulate such characteristics as vibration, shock, EMI/EMC, and electromagnetic interference. These standards are highly important for operating the machinery properly and safely.

Other specifications in developing rugged PSU

The different uses of the rugged power supply require universal input and output, high stability and the ability to be utilized for various usages, both military and industrial, while adapting to the electricity inputs of the tools and machines. The most suitable rugged PSU are durable and comply with the applicable standards, such as Mil-704B, Mil-1275B, Mil-std-461F and other standards for the different units.

Where to order rugged PSU solutions

To ensure that you’re getting the most professional and durable solutions for your different power supply needs, it is highly important to understand the manner in which the manufacturer develops its solutions – whether it be a custom solution adapted to the customers’ needs, or a standardized solution. Rugged PSU by Gilgal Power are designed to adapt to the various usages in the military and industrial sectors. For example, Gilgal Power developed a rugged power supply unit with 1 output up to 20w, with reverse input voltage protection, surge protected per Mil-704B, Mil-1275B, Mil-std-461F and others, and vin of 10v/36v.

Why choose Gilgal Power?

Gilgal Power Company supplies you with the best power solutions for the industrial, military and automobile markets, and cooperates with the giants in the Israeli industrial and military sectors, and with companies from abroad. Join the company in your quest for the best, durable and compatible solution.