Power Supply

Electric energy is a crucial supplement for any kinds of electronic device, even when it is operated mainly by fuel or any other form of energy. Power supply is often required, even if for the sole purpose of firing up the engine.

The use of military standards

To make sure that none of the devices used with energy generating sources will not malfunction in any way, several standards were created regulate the activity of these solutions, such as Mil-std-704C, Mil-std-704D, Mil-std-704E and others. This has facilitated the work of manufacturers, as well as of the users around the world, whether they come from a military or industrial background. Creating the most suitable solutions is a serious responsibility that can be placed only in competent and experienced hands.

The requirement from manufacturers of power supply devices

To provide the most competent solutions for the universal need of power supply, it is highly important to maintain all the basic rules of energy, physics and safety regarding the creation of a power solution that complies with various standards required for distributing these solutions in the military and industrial sectors. This includes, but is not limited to, Mil-std-704E, Mil-std-704C, Mil-std-704D and others.

Gilgal Power – your trustee in the world of power supply

Gilgal Power Company specializes in developing and creating all-new powering solutions for industrial and military uses of all kinds. The way to achieve this goal is by following protocols and standards, such as Mil-std-704C, Mil-std-704D, Mil-std-704E and other important standards. All the devices developed and the projects executed by Gilgal Power Company are always engineered by the greatest experts in the field, making sure to carefully follow the protocols. The efficiency and professionalism of the company allows its products to be distributed among the largest bodies in the military and industrial sectors in Israel and abroad.