Power Supply

The device that regulates the process of transforming one form of electrical energy into another is probably the main key to ensure the proper performance of all types of devices and machinery in both the industrial and military sectors. The critical importance of this component is reflected in a series of regulations that were developed as military standards, such as Mil-std-1275, Mil-std-704, Mil-std-461 and others.

Responsible power supply

The responsibility of the device manufacturer is extremely great, and it takes a responsible and professional company to create suitable power solutions for both military and industrial use, as both involve protecting people’s lives and maintaining their safety. Devices providing a stable power supply are at the core of most machinery operations, so it is highly important to create the best solutions that are fully compliant with existing standards.

Creating the perfect power supply

There are various types of components, varying in voltage as well as the source of energy, which can be as electrical or powered by charged batteries, all kinds of accumulators and more. Having all the right components, connectors, AC/DC conversion, voltage and surge – all of these are crucial for complying with different standards for military devices, such as Mil-std-1275, Mil-std-461, Mil-std-704 and others. In this manner, customers around the world can be completely sure that the power supply will work properly at all times.

Why choose Gilgal Power when searching for power solutions?

Gilgal Power is an Israeli company that develops excellent solutions for the military, industrial and automobile markets, and all of its products are in full compliance with the most important standards in the industry, such as Mil-std-1275, Mil-std-461 and Mil-std and many others. The company takes pride in its ability to deliver the best results at all times, creating both standard and custom-made solutions.