Military PSU

A steady, trustworthy and safe power supply is an important part of operating any kind of machine or vehicle. To ensure this supply, the military forces of the United States of America created many regulations that were later adopted in countries worldwide. These standards are generally known as Military Standards and follow numerical order.

The nuances of standards

For example, Mil-std-1275A was proposed in 1976 in the U.S. and is still relevant for various purposes, including the creation of military power supply unit (PSU) solutions.
Mil-std-704A and Mil-std-461A standards have similar uses and deliver accurate instructions for both manufacturers and the professionals responsible for applying these solutions.

The usage of military PSU

The purpose of a power supply is to enable the proper use of military machinery or heavy vehicles. It is the very core of the activity and without it, no operations can be executed in any way. The Mil-std-1275A, Mil-std-704A and Mil-std-461A standards serve to categorize elements to help the officers distribute the military PSU for use with its machinery, as well as making sure that all the technical components of the activity work together properly.

Creating the best solutions for both military and civil use

Gilgal Power is an experienced Israeli engineering company, established in 1996. It develops all kinds of military PSU, as well as custom solutions for various uses in defense and civil defense. Cooperating with the major safety and military companies and parties in Israel, Gilgal Power provides the most professional approach to military PSU development, and are fully compliant with all existing standards. These standards include, but are not limited to, Mil-std-461A, Mil-std-704A Mil-std-1275A, as well as other requirements regarding design, input and output capacities, integration with modern military applications and machines and so on. Join the greatest military organizations and companies who already enjoy the outstanding work of Gilgal Power.