3U Power Supply

A dependable power supply is the key for operating most of the world’s electrical devices. Moreover, almost any kind of machinery requires 3U power supply or other sources of power for proper operation, even machines that have alternative energy sources. For this reason, common standards were created, such as Mil-std-1275, Mil-std-461Mil-std-704 and so on, to suit the needs of different industries worldwide. These standards were created by the U.S. Army in the past and are now a mandatory requirement for military and industrial machinery throughout the world.

Creating the perfect 3U power supply

To deliver the best results and performance, it is important to make sure that the power supply is aligned with the general market demands. 3U means that there are three rack units to these specific types of mounted chargers to meet all needs. When building a new model of 3U power supply, it is necessary to maintain the perfect balance between AC/DC, input and output, and the highest voltage. This is required for keeping the mechanics safe and avoiding any excess activity, which could prove to be very dangerous. Mil-std-1275, Mil-std-704, Mil-std-461 and other military standards were developed for overall operation of military and industrial machinery.

Gilgal Power – creating the best 3U power supply for military and industrial use

Gilgal Power Company has been a market player since 1996 and cooperates with the world’s leading companies and authorities in the field of military and industrial devices. Creating the most advanced power solutions, including 3U power supplies, the company delivers high performance, high security solutions, and fully complies with the most accepted military standards throughout the world, including Mil-std-704, Mil-std-1275, and Mil-std-461. Cooperating with Gilgal Power Company promises high-quality power solutions, which are developed, checked and tailored to the needs of each and every buyer.