3U Power Supply

The power supply is one of the most important components in every technological solution, whether it is used for military or industrial purposes. Without a proper and stable power supply at all times, crucial components of even the simplest device could malfunction. When used for supplying power to the military, the stakes are especially high and there is no room for error.

The purpose of standardization in power supplies

This was one of the reasons for creating the standards for all issues regarding electricity:  input and output, electromagnetic emission and so on. Standards include Mil-1275, Mil-704, Mil-461 and others. Creating 3U power supply requires compliance with various demands, partly covered by these standards. Gilgal Power Company is well aware of the importance of these standards and strives to ensure that all of its units are aligned with the required, most used and most relevant standards.

Various usages of 3U power supply

Unlike 1U and 2U, the 3U power supply has three rack units of height, for example: 1U is 1.75″ (or 44.45mm) of rack height. The 3U power is used for extensive military purposes to provide a steady and constant power supply for all kinds of machinery. The Mil-461, Mil-1275, Mil-704 standards are used for facilitating the work of technicians, who know that this specific 3U power supply is suitable for different uses with no risk of harming the equipment.

The importance of standards based 3U power supply

The standards are strict instructions regarding the different capacities and performance of the technological products. Appliances based on standards Mil-461, Mil-704, Mil-1275 and others are highly suitable for industrial and military purposes. Gilgal Power Company always tries to create the most sustainable solutions for all kinds of power supplies throughout the military, industrial and automobile markets around the world.